Used Oil is becoming a huge problem in our society. Waste Oil is a problem that we all can take part in resolving. Refining Oil into diesel is a great way to give back to the community. Oil recycling, by using our new system, can generate usable diesel that many people still need and consume. We have been working on this ever-growing issue and have finally come up with a solution so we all can help recycle oil.

The price of diesel is not getting cheaper and the alternatives are cropping up all over. Biodiesel and filtering waste motor oil along with others are becoming more and more popular. Because the diesel engine was basically designed to run on peanut oil there are a lot of optional fuel possibilities.

This falls into the class of alternative fuel but it's not like any of the above.

Our system is a separate heat and fuel generating refinery. It is a stand alone unit that will generate enough heat to warm a large area and generate 5 to 8 gallons per hr of usable diesel. There is no waste and it uses it's own oil to operate. It requires 110 power to run.

It uses waste motor oil, transmission fluid, rear axle fluid, hydraulic oil or any petroleum liquid to create heat and diesel. The end product will work in most diesel engines and produce less smoke and less noise than regular diesel fuel.

Waste Oil Diesel has created a way to convert old used motor oil into usable diesel fuel.   With our system you can add efficiency to your fleet and save money.

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